• Eat Less Water3:48

  • Stop Reacting and Start Responding: 108 ways to Transform Behavior into Learning Moments3:58

  • Konrad and the Birthday Painting3:11



Please visit the contact page for more information or to request to have a sample of your own work narrated.

Everyone's really good at something and they usually love doing that one thing: Playing an instrument, basketball, gardening etc. My thing? Reading Stories out loud aka narrator. I immerse myself into the book-a touch like the kid in the movie "Never Ending Story".

Be it a Self Help book, a fictitious teenager hitchhiking across the state, a memoir of a daughter dealing with her mom's Alzheimer's-as I read the story aloud, the words shift into a movie or play in my mind. Each project (book) is truly an amazing experience for me. My job as Storyteller of YOUR story is to transcend that amazing experience to the audience.

An analogy I like is: The Narrator is like the car when you take a road trip. If the car does its job, you won't notice it.. you'll just be enjoying the trip (listening to the book). If the car breaks down or makes annoying sounds-then you can't enjoy the trip.

My job as your narrator is to translate the words from your book into a captivating story or interesting lesson in the listener's mind with the vehicle of voice. I would be honored to be your Storyteller.

Listen to a sample and take a trip. ​Thank-you for your consideration.

  • Chasing the Rabbit5:00

  • American Gypsy Girl4:33