Benefits of Video Tutorials

Benefits of Audiobooks

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  • Audio Books can be enjoyed anywhere: In the car on the way to work, road trips, running errands.  Audio Books can be enjoyed walking, running, exercising or at the gym

  • Audio Books are so accessible: from Amazon, through Audible, the Library(or a Library app on your phone) etc

  • Audio Books have so many devices available to listen to them on: MP3 player, computer, Kindle, home sound system etc

  • Audio Books increases number of books kids, teens and adults read.  If you listened to two or more audio books a week you'll have at least 8 books read in a month. That's more than most people read in a year!

  • Audio Books are great for people with poor eyesight or eye strain
  • Audio Training Videos allows the audience/student to listen and learn at their own pace being able to repeat information as needed

  • Audio delivers the information right into the ears of the audience, with or without their eyes on the screen

  • Listening comprehension exceeds reading comprehension

  • For kids especially, audio helps with vocabulary, more words listened to in context-more words learned

  • Audio is much greener than printing countless manuals, information packets, screen print out's etc.